Cave and Canary Goods Webstore Support


There is a lot of information here, so please make sure to read over this email carefully. I hope this should address all questions or concerns that you may have! If we have not, I will leave a contact at the bottom of the email to reach out to our team!

Why can't I order anything on the store?

We are currently in the process of transferring our store to a new merch company that has a larger team which will help alleviate issues we had while operating as a small business.

The store should be back live once all current orders have been fulfilled.

I only received part of my preorder. What do I do?

We were able to split a small number of the bundles and ship out vinyl records a la carte and with the plan of shipping the rest of your order once these items arrive. This is at a loss to the band since USPS calculates shipping based on the per-package rate, but we felt like it was the only solution to help make things right.

We know this is not ideal or a true fix, but we hope this helps ease the delay and gives you something to listen to until the rest of your order is out the door!
We will continue to update any bundle purchasers on the estimated delivery of their remaining goods but hope that everything will be in your hands soon.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of items from the bundle preorders that we are still waiting to be delivered from overseas. Due to a backlog in the supply and shipping chain, we have longer delays than our original estimates.

The big hold-up and delay are due to the Action Figure. This is our very first time making an Action Figure, and getting it 100% right took longer than expected. We hope the wait is worth it for this limited-edition character!

The remaining parts of your bundle will be shipped as soon as the product arrives at our merch warehouse.

We are still waiting for these items to arrive in the U.S.A. As soon as they land in the states, it could take a few weeks to process through customs. As soon as we have a tentative arrival date, we will make sure to update you with your order!